Pics Generator for Your App


How does it work?

You upload a screenshot of your app and our tool will generate beautiful images in high quality for it.

Can I download images for FREE?

Yes. All images can be downloaded in low resolution for free. Free images contain a reference to our tool - the text "Image by".

Can I download high resolution images?

Yes. Our high resolution images are up to 2000-3000px so every detail of the beautiful devices we feature is exceptionally crisp and clear. High resolution images don't have a reference to

How do I pay for images?

In order to download high resolution images you must provide a Download Code, which you can buy securely with your credit card from our reseller, FastSpring.

How can I check how many downloads I have left on my Download Code?

You can verify your code here.

How can I make the browser forget the Download Code?

By default, your Download Code will be remembered by the browser. To forget it click this link: forget code.

Do you store or share the app screenshots I upload on

No. Your app screenshots are safe with us. We do not store your images on our servers. In fact, we don't even send it to the cloud - the image is processed directly in your browser.

Do I need to sign in to use the tool?

No. No need to remember yet another account information.

Which devices do you support?

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HTC One M8, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc. And if you need something else contact us and we'll add it.

How is PicApp different from other similar tools?

Can I add interactivity to my app images?

Yes, you can use our other service at to create highly interactive demos for your app with: is an easy-to-use tool for creating and sharing interactive app demos that run in the browser.


Your images are not stored on our servers

High quality

High resolution pics with transparent background


All images also available for free with watermark